Beauty in simplicity is really exemplified in this Saudi breakfast



Easy recipes that yield spectacular results are few and far between, but I’m always bound to share some on my channel! In Episode 6 of my “5 Breakfasts from 5 Countries” series, I tried masabeeb, or Saudi Arabian whole wheat pancakes, for the first time. These small, delicate, versatile rounds are the best pancakes I’ve ever had, and they only use three ingredients. If you’re in need of a quick and filling breakfast to enjoy before starting your day, look no further!

I was pleasantly surprised by these little pancakes. In Western culture, we usually enjoy two or three large pancakes at breakfast. Masabeeb are much smaller and can be enjoyed with savory or sweet components. I loved eating ten of these for breakfast and being perfectly full! I received this recipe from Abdulaziz, who lives in Saudi Arabia and enjoys his masabeeb with honey on top. He tells us that his family makes this easy dish when camping, passing around a large plate of small rounds to share. I love this image, and I hope you make some masabeeb to share with your loved ones, too!

The presentation of this dish was simple yet beautiful. Each little pancake is so savory and pairs wonderfully with the honey, creating a nice balance of subtle salty goodness with smooth sweetness. The texture is very enjoyable, and I can’t emphasize how easy this recipe is! You can have delicious pancakes using only wheat flour, water, salt, and honey in mere minutes. What more could you ask for when you’re in a pinch before work or looking to satisfy a big family on a slow Saturday morning?

I learned so much about Saudi Arabian cuisine from making masabeeb. While making these pancakes, I realized I associate Saudi Arabia primarily with oil and falconry. Just making and enjoying this breakfast food opened my eyes to the accessibility, simplicity, and deliciousness of Saudi Arabian cuisine, and I am better for it!

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  • ½ cup wheat flour
  • ¾ cup water
  • pinch salt
  • honey for serving


  • Mix flour with water and salt, just until they are mixed and form a pourable batter. You can adjust the consistency as flours are different.
  • On a nonstick pan on medium heat pan using small spoon, pour batter into small circles.
  • Once they start change in color on one the bottom and bubbles form on top, flip them. Make sure they are cooked and became golden on both sides.
  • Arrange them in a dish and serve with honey.
Course: Breakfast
Region: Asia


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