8 Things to Order off a Sri Lankan Menu

Sri Lanka is a beautiful South Asian island country located just off the southern coast of India. Don’t get it twisted though, while there may be some similarities with Indian food, Sri Lankan food creates is it’s own beautiful culinary landscape. One that I think deserves much more time in the spotlight and one that I was super excited to learn more about! So I asked a few of my subscribers of Sri Lankan origin and background to let me in on the secrets. What should we all be ordering off of a Sri Lankan menu?






1. Chicken Lamprais

“It’s all kind of infused with this really delicious banana leaf flavor, which is so unique. It’s really fragrant and it’s something I’ve loved since I was a kid. It’s a really cozy and delicious comfort food.” – Maya

2. Beduma (Dry Fish Curry) with Dhal (Lentil Curry) & Red Rice

“This combination is my favorite comfort food. This is something I look forward to when I visit my parents and my mom always makes sure she makes this for me.” – Ru

3. Black Pork Curry

“I think this is quintessential Sri Lankan food. It is tender and rich and super hot and flavorful.” – Charlie

4. Pol Sambol

“It’s a coconut shredded condiment. It is delicious and fresh and vibrant.” – Charlie

5. Aappa (Hoppers)

“Possibly one of the most iconic foods you could ever have in Sri Lanka. It’s almost like the outside is a crepe and the base is like a crumpet” – Charlie

6. Indi Aappa (String Hoppers)

“You have this tool and you push the dough through kind of like playdough. You then cook and eat them with curry.” – Maya

7. Watalappam (Spiced Jaggery Pudding)

“It’s sweet and it’s tasty and it’s soft, but it’s also really refreshing. So after eating an intense, spicy Sri Lankan meal, all I want is a little bowl of watalappam to soothe and comfort me.” – Charlie

8. Kiri Pani (Curd with Treacle)

“After a heavy meal, this will balance things out. This cools you down and will probably get you in the mood to take a nap.” Ru

And these aren’t even all of the options! My subscribers suggested a few more delicious dishes like: Fish Cutlets, Sri Lankan Fish Spring Rolls, Fried Handallo (Anchovies), Deviled Cuttlefish, Kotthu, and Eggplant Moju (Pickle). So whether you’re trying out this cuisine for the first time, or you’re looking to expand your horizons, use this article as your ultimate guide to ordering off a Sri Lankan menu!

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