7 Things to Order off an Ethiopian Menu

Before this episode, when I thought of Ethiopian cuisine, to be honest I really didn’t know much about it. I’d eaten Ethiopian food before, but truly understanding what it was I was eating had remained a mystery to me. When I had the opportunity to speak to three Ethiopian food content creators and eat some of their favorite dishes, I knew I was in for the experience of a lifetime. With their guidance, I was able to navigate an Ethiopian delivery menu like a pro. Check out what they recommended for me and be inspired to order an Ethiopian feast of your own!




1. Azefa (Green Lentil Salad)

“The taste is tangy, slightly spicy, and very refreshing. Azefa always brings back memories of summer picnics with my family.” – Ayda

2. Sambusa (Stuffed Pastry Shells)

“Sambusas are made from savory fried dough and stuffed with either seasoned ground beef or green lentils. They’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.” – Eleni

3. Injera (Fermented Teff Flour Bread)

“You have this sour and tangy, textured pancake/bread and it works really well with all the spicy food.” – Helen

4. Meat Dishes [clockwise from top]: Chicken Special Tibs (Meat Fried with Vegetables) , Doro Wat (Spicy Chicken Stew), Kitfo (Minced Raw Beef)

“When I go to Ethiopian restaurants with my family it’s usually for some type of celebration and meat is usually what we eat during those times. – Eleni

5. Veggie Combo [clockwise from top]: Buticha (Ground Chickpeas), Fossolia (Sauteed Green Beans), Miser Wat (Split Lentil Stew), Kik Wat (Split Pea Stew), Shro Wat (Ground Seasoned Chickpeas), Tikil Gomen (Cabbage & Potatoes), Miser Alech [center] (Spiced Split Lentils).

“It reminds me of big family gatherings. Everyone has their favorite, but we all share from the same plate. It’s a mosaic of flavors that embodies Ethiopian food culture.” – Ayda

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