Rösti Toast


Crispy potatoes, tangy sauerkraut, gooey cheese, do I have your attention yet?



Toast + Potatoes = A carb fan’s dream come true. Throughout my running series on toasts from around the world, I’ve seen my fair share of toast toppings. We’ve tried eggs, cottage cheese, fish, peppers, jams, and jellies, but somehow this is the first time I’ve ever encountered potatoes on toast. And now I’ll honestly never look back.  

This recipe for Rösti-Toast is from Linda, who is originally from Austria, but currently resides in Zurich, Switzerland. Linda came up with this toast recipe as a way to use up leftover rösti. A Swiss dish, rösti is made from shallow-pan fried potatoes and is commonly enjoyed for breakfast. For some of you, the dish may remind you of American hash browns or Jewish latkes. However, rösti purists will argue that this potato product is vastly different. While hash browns and latkes use raw, shredded potatoes, the original rösti called for par-boiled or partly boiled potatoes. Yet, modern rösti makers support the use of raw potatoes, so that’s absolutely what I opted for.  

It’s commonly believed that rösti started out as a breakfast for farmers a century or so ago. It was easy and cheap to make and substantial enough to keep a hard-working farmer full until lunch. In the 1950s, rösti had a bit of a comeback and was served all over the country with sausages, fried eggs, schnitzel, sliced veal, and tons of other breakfast meats. You can absolutely eat rösti on its own for a wonderful breakfast, but Linda’s creative Rösti-Toast moves way beyond that. Leftover rösti is added to sourdough bread and then topped with sauerkraut and a heaping handful of gruyere cheese. All of those delicious items are then popped in the oven for about 10 minutes until the whole thing is a pile of crispy, melted goodness. For an extra zing, Linda recommends enjoying your fresh Rösti-Toast with a bit of sour cream on the side or the top.  

All together, this toast definitely does not disappoint. It’s a beautiful combination of savory and salty flavors that make an incredibly comforting meal. I truly have no notes, no comments, just a deep desire to have Linda’s Rösti-Toast for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.  

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  • sourdough bread
  • 1 russet potato
  • gruyère cheese grated
  • sauerkraut
  • butter
  • sour cream


For rösti

  • Grate potatoes and squeeze out excess liquid.
  • Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a skillet (preferably nonstick) over medium heat and add potatoes; shape into a disc. Cook until golden brown, about 10 minutes, adjusting heat as necessary.
  • Slide cake onto a plate, cover with another plate and invert. Add more butter to the pan and slide cake back in. Continue cooking until browned all over, turning again if necessary.

For toast

  • Place a slice of rösti on a slice of sourdough.
  • Top with sauerkraut, then grated cheese.
  • Bake in oven till cheese is melty.
  • Top with dollop of sour cream before serving.
Course: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack
Region: Europe
Diet: Vegetarian


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