Cheesy Eggy Toast


You'll never look at eggs on toast the same



Get ready to meet the cheesy toast of your dreams. Eggs, cheese, and toast are a classic combination that can be found in one form or another all across the world. But no egg, cheese, toast trio quite compares to this recipe for Cheesy-Eggy Toast. Not only does it mark toast number 45 in my 9 different series of toasts from around the world, but it’s also one of the most delightfully delicious things you’ll ever eat.  

This recipe is courtesy of Bianca, aka my new personal hero. Growing up in Germany, Bianca treasured the times that her mother would serve her a plate of this Cheesy-Eggy Toast. Now as an adult, it’s a dish she’ll make for herself for breakfast on busy mornings or for dinner when she’s in need of an easy meal. There’s really no time of day that this toast can’t handle.  

For Bianca’s Cheesy-Eggy Toast, you’ll only need a few ingredients: Bread, eggs, Worcestershire sauce, and a flavorful shredded cheese like cheddar. The eggs are mixed together with a generous amount of the cheese, while the bread is left to toast in a frying pan. Then the fun begins. The egg and cheese mixture is piled onto the bread and then flipped, mixture side down, and fried until brown. This one little step creates the most gorgeous, crispy, and crunchy coating to the toast. Plus, as the egg and cheese mixture cooks it also seeps into the toast for extra richness and texture.  

When the toast is ready to go, Bianca recommends finishing it with a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce or a chili sauce, if you want some heat. The result is basically an egg and cheese sandwich with none of the hard work, but all of the happiness. I love this Cheesy-Eggy Toast because it’s simple and straightforward. It’s a meal that you can affordably produce, especially on days where your pantry or refrigerator are both a little low. Yet, more than anything it’s a recipe that’s just really, really good. Try out Bianca’s Cheesy-Eggy Toast the next time you need a quick dish or a comforting meal.  

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Cheesy Eggy Toast


  • 2 slices bread your choice
  • 1 egg
  • cheddar or gouda cheese grated
  • butter
  • Worcestershire sauce optional


  • Heat a little butter in a frying pan over high heat.
  • Lightly toast slices of bread on both sides.
  • In bowl mix egg with a large handful of grated cheese until it’s a thick mixture.
  • Spread the egg mixture on the toast (don’t pat it down too hard, you want it sticking to the toast but not mushed up).
  • Flip it, egg-mixture down, into the hot pan.
  • Let it cook for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Flip it back onto your plate, top with a little Worcestershire sauce (if using) and enjoy!
Course: Breakfast, Snack
Region: Europe
Diet: Vegetarian


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