Manggang Hilaw at Bagoong Mangos


This Filipino snack packs a punch of flavor and is totally worth a try



Next up in my series about different recipes made with mangoes is Manggang Hilaw at Bagoong. This mango dish is made with unripe, green mangoes and shrimp paste, and it is a common street food that is served throughout the Philippines.  

Manggang Hilaw at Bagoong is made with super unripe mangos since they are sour and more firm. The crispiness of the green mangos is perfect for dipping into the salty bagoong. Bagoong is shrimp paste, a common condiment used for dipping or as an ingredient in popular dishes, and it is salty. It has an umami flavor and tastes like concentrated shrimp.  

Andrea from Quezon City in the Philippines introduced this simple dish, and she said that in Filipino culture, most people are very kind and friendly. They tend to share food and take care of one another, and this dish reminds her of the community she has around her. Andrea said every backyard in the Philippines has its own mango trees, and in the middle of the night, they would fall on the roof of their houses and make a large thumping sound. It seemed like it would be a startling noise, but it never scared her since she knew it was just a sign that the mangos were becoming ripe and ready to eat. In the Philippines, it is considered common courtesy to invite neighbors, friends, and family to eat with you, making eating dishes like mangos with shrimp paste fun! 

When I first tried this dish, it was a bit shocking to me. The shrimp paste had a strong flavor, and it was a bit too shrimpy for me. I think shrimp paste is just one of those ingredients that would be easier to enjoy if you grew up eating it. I checked out the ingredients in the shrimp paste, and there is shrimp fry, garlic, onion, chili, salt, sugar, and oil. Although I was not too keen on the shrimp paste, I am glad I tried this dish since it was a unique experience that I probably never would have had if I didn’t do this series. 

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Manggang Hilaw at Bagoong Mangos


  • 1 unripe, green mango
  • 1 jar Bagoong (sautéed shrimp paste)


  • Peel mango and cut into spears.
  • Serve mango spears alongside a dollop of Bagoong.
  • To eat, dip your mango in a little of the Bagoong and take a bite. Remember, a little of this paste goes a long way!
Course: Snack
Region: Asia


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