Apple Grilled Cheese


A fresh take on the fruit-pie and cheese combo



In my “5 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from 5 Countries” episode, I admit it: I had a favorite! Made from white bread, apples, butter, cinnamon, cayenne, garlic cloves, and hot honey, this perfect amalgamation of sweet and savory combines in the most heavenly, perfectly decadent grilled cheese sandwich. I especially enjoyed the heavy use of garlic against the sweetness of the apples!  

 This Cinnamon Apple Grilled Cheese recipe originated in America, though the only trace of origin I can present to you is the lovely brain behind this submission! I salute to Justin, who grew up in the Chicago suburbs and was kind enough to send in his submission for this particular grilled cheese. 

 It is fun to make this quick and filling grilled cheese on a lazy day when you don’t feel like doing anything but still want to feel like you did something—we all know what I’m talking about! Find a pinch of accomplishment in this recipe as you lovingly cook the apple slices in butter, salt, olive oil, cayenne, and cinnamon before transferring them atop slices of your favorite cheese on bread. From here, the directions are pretty standard and comparable to other grilled cheeses until you are nearly done browning both sides of your sandwich. At this point, toss some garlic cloves into the oil, cover the sandwich on low heat, and allow the sandwich to steam in all the delicious garlickiness! Once it’s done, you can even rub the softened cloves on the bread for added flavor. 

 This is Justin’s go-to lazy day meal, and that now makes two of us. I loved this dish; it is hot, spicy, and sweet, with innovative use of garlic and apples! It’s worth the extra bit of effort it takes to stew apples, as it elevates a grilled cheese beautifully. In the United States, apples and cheese are actually a common pairing, so it makes sense that a Cinnamon Apple Grilled Cheese tickles the taste buds. 

 If you’re relaxing on a rainy day or trying to comfort someone, this grilled cheese is the answer. This dish was a tough act to follow in my “5 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches from 5 Countries” series, so I guarantee anyone who loves apples, cheese, and garlic will love it. Once you give it a try, let me know how you like it! 

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Apple Grilled Cheese


  • ¼ red apple (such as pink lady) sliced thinly
  • butter
  • cinnamon
  • cayenne pepper
  • sourdough bread slices
  • gouda cheese slices
  • cheddar cheese slices
  • hot honey or regular if you don't want it spicy
  • 1 clove garlic
  • lemon juice


  • Cook sliced apples in a pan with butter, cayenne, and cinnamon until slightly softened.
  • On one slice of sourdough layer on cheeses, honey, squeeze of lemon, and apples.
  • In a clean pan, put the garlic clove in with some butter/oil over medium heat (just long enough to flavor the oil, but take it out before they burn).
  • Place loaded sourdough slice in pan and brown on one side.
  • Add second sourdough slice on top and flip. Lower the stove, squeeze some lemon juice around the pan and put a lid on the pan (the lemon makes a tangy steam room for the cheese to melt in).
  • Before you eat, rub the garlic cloves on both sides of the bread. Enjoy!
Course: Lunch, Snack
Region: North America
Diet: Vegetarian
Keyword: Comfort food


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