Noon Panir Sabzi Gerdoo


Bread, cheese, and herbs on a beautiful platter; what more can you ask for in a breakfast?



I love incorporating a diverse mix of breakfasts in my “5 Breakfasts from 5 Countries” series, and Episode 6 was no different. From savory to sweet, light to heavy, and easy to time-consuming, there are many breakfast options. It’s easy to get caught up in our typical Western dishes and schedules. Still, breakfast doesn’t always have to be a bowl of cereal or a bagel that you scarf down in three minutes before work–although these options are delicious, too! Taking just a bit more time to prepare something fresh, beautiful, and well-rounded is a great way to care for yourself. I highly recommend starting with this Iranian dish called noon panir sabzi gerdoo.

This breakfast is basically a bread, cheese, and herb platter, and it is effective in its simplicity. Bread and cheese often feel heavy, but when you combine these ingredients with fresh herbs, radishes, cucumbers, walnuts, and green onions, you get a delightful meal that sets you up wonderfully for the rest of your day. This submission comes from Elina in Iran, where noon panir sabzi gerdoo is the most common breakfast dish. It is easy to see why it is so widely loved there, as I had a blast plating these foods and combining them for each bite. I even added endives to the spread, which provided a note of sourness and crunchiness that worked well with the smooth cheese and fresh herbs. 

Noon panir sabzi gerdoo is truly peak breakfast perfection. My favorite part was how the fresh herbs complemented the salty cheese. (However, the standalone taste of green onions earns a solid honorable mention.) Elina tells us that her mom made this for her to take to school and eat during snack or lunchtime, where she would enjoy and share with friends. If you have a breakfast or brunch gathering or want to treat your family, noon panir sabzi gerdoo is the perfect recipe to try.

Although there’s no novel hot take to present about this dish, I must emphasize how beautiful and fresh the simple ingredients are. Every part of noon panir sabzi gerdoo is a hit. I’d pick this over cereal any day, and I hope you will, too!

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Noon Panir Sabzi Gerdoo


  • Flatbread of your choice traditional Iranian flatbreads are sangak or lavash
  • cream cheese or other salty cheese of choice
  • walnuts
  • fresh herbs such as basil, chives, parsley, watercress, mint, etc.


  • Arrange all components on a plate/board.
  • Spread the cheese on the bread, add the walnuts and the mix of herbs, roll the bread. Enjoy!
Course: Breakfast
Region: Asia


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