Jus Alpukat


Let this creamy drink be your gateway to loving sweet avocados



Out of all the avocado recipes I chose for my “5 Avocado Dishes from 5 Countries” series, this Indonesian avocado juice had to be the most unique dessert option. If you like smooth, milkshake-adjacent treats with chocolate condensed milk drizzled on top, jus alpukat might be right up your alley. In Western culture, avocados are almost exclusively used in savory dishes, but the opposite is true in East Asian countries; in these regions, avocado is primarily used in sweet desserts and treats. I don’t know about you, but an avocado’s smooth, subtle flavor seems perfectly suited for sweeter recipes. It was certainly a winner in jus alpukat!

This avocado juice is perfect in hot weather, and it doesn’t use many ingredients. Made from avocado, sugar, condensed milk, milo, and ice, it is an immensely refreshing drink found throughout Indonesia. I received this jus alpukat recipe from Dimas, who hails from Benton, Indonesia. Dimas tells us that this widely beloved Indonesian favorite also happens to be his mom’s favorite drink, so his family enjoys it often. Although he can’t pinpoint why Indonesians use avocados in sweet recipes, he believes it might be due to a social mindset that all fruits belong in desserts. This sounds valid to me–after all, when have you ever had a fruit-based cobbler, ice cream, juice, or pastry you didn’t like?

The avocado flavor definitely tasted different in the context of this sweet drink, but it was refreshingly sweet alongside the sugar, condensed milk, and milo. As I blended, my jus alpukat mixture appeared very thick. I added some water to get the blender going, but I should have added milk or something thicker. Once blending was done, the consistency then seemed too thin. In contrast, my chocolate condensed milk with milo didn’t appear thick enough. I added chocolate syrup, but perhaps I should have started with syrup. That said, watch your consistency and portions while making this dish!

Although my jus alpukat didn’t turn out as perfectly smooth and sweet as I expected, I believe I made some mistakes along the way. And that’s okay! We all make mistakes. Here’s the great thing about mine: you can learn from them! Enjoy your jus alpukat, but don’t be afraid of a thicker consistency and an extra pinch of sugar.

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  • 1 ripe avocado
  • chocolate condensed milk
  • ice
  • ½ cup milk


  • Blend the avocado, ice, sugar, and milk all together until smooth with blender.
  • Pour condensed milk on the edge of a clear glass to make it aesthetic.
  • Pour the juice into the glass and add more condensed milk on top. You can mix the juice with condensed milk before you drink it.
Course: Dessert, Drink
Region: Asia


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