Wai Wai Hot Dog



Topping a hot dog with crunchy fried noodles? GENIUS.



Why, oh why is this hot dog so good? It’s all thanks to Wai Wai. In one of my recent series, I’ve been working to explore how countries around the world eat hot dogs. Luckily, the next stop on this journey is Nepal for the truly one of a kind Wai Wai Hot Dog.

If you’ve never had the pure joy that is Wai Wai then you’re in for a treat. Wai Wai are a type of Thai instant noodle that are actually pre-cooked and fried before they’re packaged. This means, the noodles can either be boiled and used for bowls or soups, enjoyed right from the package as a crispy snack, or used as a creatively crispy topping for salads or…hot dogs.

Thanks to Pal, who contributed this recipe, I’ve discovered that Wai Wai noodles are often used as a topping for the Nepalese Wai Wai Hot Dog. Now that she lives in Vancouver, Canada, Pal loves this hot dog for its use of bold Nepalese flavors and a bit of a nod to North American dishes. It’s the perfect pick me up for her on rainy, dreary days in Vancouver where she’s looking for something comforting and exciting. And I whole-heartedly agree that the Wai Wai Hot Dog is all of that and more.

This hot dog variation begins by cutting diagonal slices on the hot dog and then searing it in a combination of mustard seed oil and spices like turmeric and cumin. This tiny step actually makes a huge difference. The hot dog develops this beautiful char, all while soaking up those delicious flavors. It is then placed in a hot dog bun and topped with a handful of Wai Wai noodles, a dollop of coriander chutney, and then a fresh squeeze of lemon.   

In a lot of ways, this hot dog ends up being all about the toppings and their blend of flavors and textures. Yet, it’s also all about the hot dog itself and taking the time to temper it in a unique combination of spices. The only downside to the Wai Wai dog is that it will turn soggy if you wait too long to eat it.  However, these hot dogs are so impossible to resist, I doubt that it’ll be a problem.

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Wai Wai Hot Dog


  • wai wai noodles crunched up with seasoning packet
  • cilantro chutney
  • lemon
  • bun
  • hot dog
  • mustard oil
  • cumin
  • turmeric
  • chili powder


  • Toast bun in a pan with mustard oil.
  • Slice diagonal cuts down the side of the dog. Fry in pan with mustard oil and spices.
  • Layer hot dog and toppings in the bun in the following order: hot dog, wai wai, chutney, squeeze lemon, more wai wai on top. If desired you can do chopped tomato, red onion, and more cilantro.
Course: Dinner, Lunch
Region: Asia


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