Ais Kepal Milo


Shaved ice that tastes like a frozen hot chocolate? Sign me up!



One of the greatest things to come out of my channel is my introduction to Milo. As of a few years ago, it was an ingredient I had absolutely no experience with. But now I’ve had Milo on toast, in drinks, and for breakfast. And just when I thought I knew all there was to know about Milo, I discovered it again in my new series.

This recent series is all about exploring how people across the world eat shaved ice, so it’s only fitting that we talk about Ais Kepal Milo. Fatihah from Selangor in Malaysia contributed this recipe for “Milo Shaved Ice” and I’m forever grateful. Throughout Malaysia, Fatihah notes that there are a few common kinds of shaved ice. Air Batu Campur or ABC is probably the most known variety that’s a combination of shaved ice, red beans, and other sweet toppings. However, as Milo’s popularity grew in Malaysia, so did the popularity of Ais Kepal Milo.

If you haven’t yet encountered Milo, don’t worry. If you like chocolate, you’ll love Milo and Ais Kepal Milo, as a result. Milo is basically a chocolate-flavored powder that’s extremely popular throughout Southeast Asia in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. And when mixed with water or other liquids, Milo becomes a decadent chocolate sauce that just so happens to be great with shaved ice.

When I realized that Ais Kepal Milo was chocolate shaved ice, I was more than a little excited. Shaved ice is a dish that I naturally associate with fruit, so chocolate shaved ice was an unexpected twist that happened to turn out wonderfully. You simply combine condensed milk with Milo, mix, and then pour over a bowl of shaved ice. For extra fun, you can also top the bowl with a hearty helping of chocolate sprinkles. The result is essentially a frozen hot chocolate. I mean, what’s not to love about that?

Surprisingly, Fatihah’s lack of a sweet tooth means she isn’t the biggest fan of Ais Kepal Milo. However, the Milo Shaved Ice was a gift that her father would frequently bring home for the family, so it still holds a special place in her heart. And honestly, being surprised with a big bowl of Ais Kepal Milo sounds like the perfect treat to me.

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Ais Kepal Milo


  • shaved ice machine


  • 1 cup milo
  • 1 Tbsp coco powder
  • ½ tin condensed milk more or less depending how sweet you like it
  • chocolate sprinkles for garnish, optional
  • sliced almonds for garnish, optional


  • Mix together first three ingredients until combined and you get something like a chocolate sauce.
  • Shave ice into bowl, cover with sauce.
  • Top with garnishes. Enjoy right away!
Course: Dessert
Region: Asia


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