Flo's Hot Dogs


All hail the state of Maine for producing this fabulous condiment



For the last 60 years, the little town of Cape Neddick, Maine in the United States has been churning out a truly unique hot dog. Luckily, as part of my newest series on hot dogs in the United States, I got to try one of Maine’s pride and joys: Flo’s Hot Dogs.

For the longest time, lobster rolls have been the main(e) event in Maine. However, a woman named Florence Stacy changed all of that back in 1959. Florence (usually just called Flo) worked as a school teacher in Mercer, Maine, but one day decided to trade it all in for a hot dog stand. She moved to Cape Neddick and set up a simple shop with a menu that only included hot dogs, chips, milk, and soda. That menu happens to be the exact same menu that her family still serves today.  

That itty bitty hot dog stand is now a staple throughout New England. It’s won “best hot dog in the Northeast” awards and people will commonly wait over 45 minutes in line just to order one. But thanks to a recipe contribution from Nichole, you won’t have to travel or wait for a taste of Flo’s hot dogs. Nichole, who grew up eating Flo’s, knows this recipe like the back of her hand.  

A hot dog from Flo’s is simple and straight to the point. A New England style hot dog bun (similar to what you would use for a lobster roll with a split at the top) is the definitive base. A steamed hot dog is accompanied by a bit of mayonnaise, a sprinkle of celery salt, and a dollop of relish. Unlike other hot dog recipes, it’s not the dog that takes center stage, but the relish. The relish is really the star of the show and what helped put Flo’s on the map. 

When she first opened the shop, Flo decided to make her own relish that you can now buy, jarred and ready to go. It’s a smoky and sweet relish that takes a traditional hot dog to a whole other level. If you’re a relish lover, then this hot dog is definitely for you. And if you’re not a relish lover, then this hot dog might just convince you otherwise.

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Flo’s Hot Dogs


  • New England-style hot dog bun
  • Old Neighborhood brand brown natural casing hot dog or any pork/beef based hot dog you prefer
  • mayo
  • Flo's Relish can be purchased online
  • celery salt


  • Steam or boil hot dog to cook it.
  • Steam bun. Add dog to bun.

To assemble

  • Drizzle a good line of mayo across the top of the dog. Add a decent amount of relish so it comes flat with the top of the bun. Sprinkle celery salt on top. Enjoy!
Course: Dinner, Lunch
Region: North America

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