Green Chutney & Butter Sandwich


This creamy and spicy sandwich proves sometimes the best things in life are the simplest



In my “Trying 5 Sandwiches from 5 Countries” episode, I received a submission with perhaps the simplest ingredient list yet: white bread, butter, and green chutney. This green chutney and butter sandwich is a staple meal or snack throughout India, and I thought it was the perfect little tea sandwich! It has a spicy, satisfying taste of comfort, and I loved this new addition to the channel.

This green chutney and butter sandwich recipe comes from Sweedel, who currently resides in Canada but is from Mumbai, India. Where Sweedel comes from, small Catholic communities congregate at every house in the community every day during May and October. These months are so special because they are considered Mother Mary’s months, and once everyone is done praying, they would sit and enjoy a snack or meal together. The green chutney and butter sandwich was the most common food, so Sweedel often looked forward to enjoying these during her childhood.

The chutney gives this sandwich a pleasantly refreshing mint flavor of mint while the butter gives it a rich, smooth consistency. The soft white bread marries everything beautifully. Sweedel also recommends pairing this sandwich with potato chips or a lemony drink, which sounds divine! I can’t believe I haven’t had this during any of my numerous trips to India, but it sounds like the universally perfect lunch after swimming on a hot summer day.

If you make this simple yet delicious dish, you can buy the chutney or make it at home. However, be warned that you may become addicted to this simple little sandwich, as it’s very easy to make! And the flavors meld together to create a delightfully light and flavorful sandwich. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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Green Chutney & Butter Sandwich


  • white bread
  • butter
  • green chutney store-bought, or you can make your own


  • Take two slices of white bread. Generously butter one slice and slather green chutney on the other.
  • Fold bread slices on top of each other.
  • Remove the crusts (if you like). Slice and serve!
Course: Lunch, Snack
Region: Asia
Diet: Vegetarian
Keyword: Comfort food


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