Ginger & Condensed Milk Tea


This sweet and spicy tea is the perfect comforting warmer



In my “How the World Drinks Black Tea” episode, I was especially excited to try this black tea with ginger and condensed milk. Two of my favorite flavors join forces in this meek tea to bring about some rich flavors and energy boosts! This tea smelled so lovely, and I loved the way it simultaneously relaxes and invigorates you.

This ginger and condensed milk tea recipe comes from Sheneli, who is from Sri Lanka. The simple ingredients are effective, livening your senses and calming you. Perhaps this is why it is so popular! Although Sheneli’s favorite way to prepare her black tea is to infuse it with ginger and add a little condensed milk, you can alter the ratios to your liking or adjust the ingredients as you see fit. But I highly suggest trying Sheneli’s version before you knock it!

Tea has been a key part of Sri Lankan culture since 1824, when the British brought the first tea plant from China to Sri Lanka. Back in the day, Sri Lanka was called Ceylon; coincidentally, Sheneli prefers authentic Ceylon tea plucked from the estates of Nuwara Eliya, one of the most beautiful regions in Sri Lanka. Throughout history and still today, tea has been a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome. Hosts often offer tea to visitors to greet them accordingly.

As you probably know, I will drink anything with condensed milk. This ginger and condensed milk tea is creamy and sweet with a gentle, pleasant sting from the ginger. These flavors balance perfectly, and it is very easy to make. I’d say it has more pizzazz than your average black tea, though it is always interesting to learn about the special ingredients used from country to country. These slight variations of black tea say so much about the people, history, and land associated with different cultures. It fascinates me!

I truly enjoyed this sweeter version of traditional black tea. Take some time tonight to breathe, brew ginger and condensed milk tea, and report back with how it makes you feel!

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Ginger & Condensed Milk Tea


  • black tea
  • fresh ginger
  • sweetened condensed milk


  • Peel and slice a chunk of ginger (4-5 slices).
  • Boil your water and steep ginger with black tea for about 5 minutes.
  • Remove ginger and strain tea into your cup.
  • Add 1-2 teaspoons condensed milk. Stir and enjoy!
Course: Drink
Region: Asia


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