Katerina Vorónina

Kate was born in Moscow where she studied painting for six years at one of the local  Academies of Art. Later, she completed a course in illustration at the British Higher School of Design (BHSAD). She moved to Tel Aviv in 2016 and stayed there for 2 years where she worked at an Israeli animation studio (Poink) as a background artist. Later, “Camilla” the cartoon we worked on, was shortlisted for the Cannes Film Festival (2018). She moved to Berlin in 2018 where she began her career as a mural artist. Since then I have been lucky enough to paint many different offices, cafes and building facades in Berlin and all over Europe. She currently lives in Paris, France. She does picture books and editorial illustrations, murals and silkscreen prints, holds various drawing workshops and is an avid sketcher.

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