Choots is a London born muralist, fine artist and illustrator. Taking inspiration from clubbing, ancient civilisations, marine life, skate graphics, and dream states, he combines a random doodle flow with balanced and structured compositions.  He intends his work to act as a brief escape into other worlds, with clean lines and clear compositions that draw you in to discover hidden details and benevolent characters. In 2017, Choots was invited to paint on a section of the sea front at Sydney’s Bondi Beach, and these doodles moved from paper to large walls. This wall led to mural commissions in New York, and his passion soon became his profession. His complex and colorful artworks soon caught the eye of a diverse range of clients in London, leading to a regular stream of commissions to design and paint work in bars, hotels and restaurants, as well as events, magazines and record labels.  When he’s not painting on the streets or busy with mural commissions, Choots can be found in his East London studio creating new drawings, paintings, limited edition prints, toys, t-shirts and more.

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