What's In Your Fridge?

Similar to the instant noodle video, I want our community to give us a tour of their refrigerators and introduce us to some new foods! When you are filming, it will help if you talk us through everything. The best clips have fun dialogue always! Also check out our Breakfast Together video for more inspo!

It’s okay to use your smartphone.
If you have a separate camera and want help with best settings, let me know!
Please do not send me edited footage, do not worry about bad shots etc I will edit it all! No music, no cuts, just the raw footage.
You can film POV style, you can film yourself, someone else can film you, up to you!!

Here Is What I'd Like but feel free to GET CREATIVE! <3

1. Introduce yourself, your name, where you’re from and where you currently live.

2. Show us your fridge and a shot of opening your refrigerator. Again, this can be POV or someone else can film you doing it. What we really want to see here is the reveal!

3. Show 3 items you ALWAYS have in your fridge. This can be a condiment, a fruit or vegetable, a drink, just something in your fridge that you’re always using and replacing regularly when you inevitably run out. Tell us about the item too. What is it? How do you cook with it? What’s your favorite way to eat it? Show us the item and yourself!

Example: “This is kewpie mayo, I always have it in the fridge. It’s a Japanese mayonnaise I use this on everything; spread on toast, a topping for eggs, even sometimes as a way to add a little creaminess to a sauce. Whenever I start to get low I go get a new one to have to replace it immediately!”

4. Show us 3 items that you think probably everyone from your country and/or culture has in their fridge. This should be something that you think is emblematic of your country/culture’s culinary foodscape. Show us the item, tell us what it is, how do you cook with it, how does it help define your country/culture’s cuisine?

Example: “I live in the USA and I think one thing probably everyone has in their fridge is ketchup. I feel like when you think about food in the USA, ketchup is one of those things that immediately springs to mind. I think it’s a condiment that even if you don’t eat it regularly, when you want it, you’ll be disappointed if you don’t have it. I personally don’t use it all the time, but it’s clearly in my fridge for a reason!”

5. Show us the OLDEST item in your fridge. I think we all have that one thing in our fridge that we never use, but for some reason we can’t get rid of and it just lingers forever. Show us the item, tell us what it is, how did you get it, how long it’s been in there, show the expiration date if there is one.

Example: “This is a jar of relish that’s been in here for who knows how long. I think I bought it to use in a new recipe a while ago and I clearly haven’t touched it since. It’s good till 2024 and will probably remain in the fridge until then, maybe longer if I’m honest.” 

6. If applicable, show us something in your fridge that maybe isn’t edible?

Example: “These are under eye patches that I keep in the fridge. They’re definitely not edible, but I keep them in there to stay cold. They feel so much better on my face when they’re cold!”

7. Extra credit: The one item you’d say someone else should buy and try themselves!

8. Finally, in a SEPARATE CLIP, I’d like a shot of you saying which country or culture’s refrigerator you’d like to see inside of!The hope here is to use these clips as a way of “passing the buck” so to say and connecting all the community members who take part in the video.

Example: “I’d love to see the refrigerator of someone from Thailand!”

When you are done, you can send me clips through Google Drive to [email protected] with the subject line “FRIDGE TOURS” or via WeTransfer at bforberyl.wetransfer.com if that’s easier. If you have any issues, let me know!