Pink Cast Iron Enameled Cookware


Cast iron with a glossy enamel finish, it has exceptional heat conduction, retention, and distribution for reliable cooking. Enamel cast iron is evenly heated, which will not affect the taste of food. Can be used to marinate, cook, and store food. Compatible with induction, gas, electric, and ceramic glass cooktops. The two handles are very convenient to use, and easy to clean without blind side.

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Safe on all cookers: the 3.5QT/ 3.3L casserole is perfect for all hobs up to 245 °C/475°F. Oven safe, dishwasher safe
Outstanding Enamel non-stick: The more you use this pot, the better it becomes.

Versatile: Our non-stick coated Dutch oven made of enameled cast iron is just the right size for all homemade cooking methods such as roasting, stewing.

Heat diffusion: Thickened induction base for maximum retention and fast heat transfer, energy saving.

Pink 3.5QT/3.3L Dutch oven pot is the perfect center piece for any meal.


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