8 Things to Order off a Polish Menu

This episode in my delivery series certainly hit a little more close to home than others. My family is Polish and while I did grow up eating some Polish foods, I just knew there had to be more that I didn’t know about. And what better way to explore your own cultural background than through food? So I asked a few of my subscribers of Polish origin and background to let me in on the secrets. What should we all be ordering off of a Polish menu?





1. Zupa Pomidorowa (Tomato Soup)

“Polish tomato soup is a little bit different because it is broth-based and it’s often served with noodles or rice. I really think that soups are the unsung heroes of Polish cuisine.” – Lea

2. Placki Ziemniaczane (Potato Pancakes)

“In my family and in the region where I come from, we actually mainly eat them sweet. They are incredible like this. I love potatoes and I think when you’re Polish, I’m pretty sure one quarter of your blood is potato.” – Anna

3. Bigos (Hunter Stew with Meat, Sauerkraut, and Mushrooms)

“It is so, so comforting. It”s very traditional. It is a very satisfying type of meal.” – Anna

4. Compote (Boiled Fruit Drink)

“This is a drink that definitely reminds me of my childhood.” – Kaja

“It can be served hot or cold. Usually made from berries, apples, or other seasonal fruit.” – Lea

5. Gołąbki (Stuffed Cabbage)

“It’s a rather time-consuming dish, which is why I associate it with Sunday family dinners.” – Kaja

6. Pyzy (Potato Dough Stuffed with Meat)

“The dough is sticky, but tender at the same time and the meat is well seasoned making it a very well-balanced dish.” – Kaja

7. Mizeria (Cold Cucumber Salad)

“To me, Mizeria is the ultimate summer staple. It uses the amazing Polish cucumbers which are crunchy and full of flavor and it’s just such a refreshing thing to put on your plate. You’ll be eating it by the spoonfuls.” – Lea

8. Naleśniki Z Serem (Crepes Stuffed with Farmer’s Cheese)

“The taste of this dish is delicate, it’s sweet, and the texture is soft on the inside and crunchy on the edges.” Kaja

And this was just the beginning! My subscribers suggested a few more delicious dishes like: Cold Fruit Soup, Zurek (White Borscht), Red Chlodnik (Cold Beet & Buttermilk Soup), Sour Pickle Soup, and Kapusniak (Sauerkraut Soup). So whether you’re trying out this cuisine for the first time, or you’re looking to expand your horizons, use this article as your ultimate guide to ordering off a Polish menu!

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