Oi Subaji


Cucumber kimchi that comes together in less than a day,
but tastes like it came from a restaurant



In my “Have You Heard of These 5 Fermented Foods from Around the World” series, I had the pleasure of experiencing oi sobagi for the first time. This South Korean dish translates to cucumber kimchi, a dish bursting with spicy yet refreshing flavors. The crunchy texture and versatility of this food are remarkable, and I particularly enjoyed this delicious kimchi recipe.

This oi sobagi comes from Maddy in New York City, who also happens to be my friend! She posts consistent, wonderful food-related content on all her social media accounts, and I am happy to recommend her videos and recipes to you all. Although kimchi can be made with different vegetables, Maddy opted to submit this cucumber-based kimchi, and I’m oh so glad she did. Thank you, Maddy, for this oi sobagi submission!

Maddy is originally from South Korea, but she moved away sixteen years ago. Kimchi is a significant part of Korean identity, so every Korean person likely grew up with sides of kimchi at most meals. Maddy enjoyed it primarily during summers, and she has vivid memories of her mom making oi sobagi during summertime, pairing it with noodles or ramen for her family. The dish is packed with probiotics and other various health benefits, so South Koreans are very proud of oi sobagi for many reasons.

I adore kimchi, but I had never made it before this video. My first experience making cucumber kimchi was easy; the only ingredient that was difficult to find was the gochugaru, but I have linked it here for your convenience! Once completed, my oi sobagi yielded perfectly crunchy cucumbers, a subtle spiciness from the gochugaru, and a cool, sharply pungent flavor that almost serves as a palate cleanser. I highly recommend taking extra care when boiling the cucumbers with salt, as this step is essential to achieve a perfectly flexible yet crunchy cucumber. 

I enjoyed my oi sobagi with noodles, and it was delicious! If you are looking to try a simple yet scrumptious version of kimchi, I hope you’ll try Maddy’s oi sobagi recipe and enjoy!

Full recipe here.

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