A rich and decadent French dish marrying
cheese and potatoes, the ultimate comfort food



In my “5 Cheese Dishes from 5 Countries” series, I was particularly excited to try this decadent, intensely cheese French dish called tartiflette. The French are known for exquisitely creamy, funky cheeses, and although the reblochen used in tartiflette is banned in America, taleggio is an excellent replacement. Even without the signature reblochon, I truly enjoyed this heavy version of baked potato cheese.

Aude from France submitted this recipe, and I thank her profusely for it! As a woman who grew up in France, she appreciates creamy, funky cheeses, so she adores tartiflette. This dish originated in Savoie, a region in the Alps in France with cows that produce reblochon. Nowadays, tartiflette is one of the most in-demand recipes throughout France. A tru mountain dish, it is built to be a rich, comforting source of nourishment. The combination of potatoes and cheese fills you up, and it is incredibly satisfying.

If you like cheese, you’ll love this dish. The creamy, savory warming quality of the cheese simply makes tartiflette. Potatoes, lardons (thick French bacon), onions, and reblochon are baked in an oven dish, creating a waring final product full to the brim with decadence and creaminess. As it cooks, the gloriously strong scent of cheese fills your home. The cooking process is an experience in itself.

Overall, tartiflette is simple to make. It’s easy to slice potatoes on the mandolin, but even if it took some extra effort to complete this dish, it would be worth it. The huge slices of cheese paired with fried pancetta are inspired. However, I can see why this concoction is traditionally served with a side salad; it’s very, very decadent. Overall, I truly enjoyed my first attempt at tartiflette, and I’m sure you will, too!

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  • 1 block Taleggio (or other soft cow's cheese) sliced
  • thick pancetta (to replace lardons)
  • 1 yellow onion chopped
  • 2 potatoes sliced
  • butter


  • Sautée the potatoes in butter, with the onions and the pancetta, and once they are nicely cooked and browned, put them in an oven-safe dish.
  • Add slices of Taleggio on top of the potato mixture; you need to be generous!
  • Keep adding layers until you reach the top of the pan and finish with cheese.
  • Bake at 375℉ for 40 minutes or until the cheese is melting and begins to crisp a little. Enjoy warm with a green salad on the side!
Course: Dinner
Keyword: Comfort food


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