Bidda Badadez


Transport yourself to a beach in Cyprus
with this grilled halloumi wrap



After looking for the best hangover cures from around the world, I learned about bidda badadez, a vegetarian sandwich from Cyprus, a large island known for its natural beauty. Bidda badadez is a sandwich made with thick fried potatoes, halloumi cheese, and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. It also typically has some fresh herbs, such as cilantro, that give the sandwich a citrusy taste.

This savory sandwich is meant to be a simple, clean, comfort food filled with alcohol-absorbing carbs while tasting like and refreshing. Parscan, who is from Famagusta in Cyprus, says most people eat this vegetarian sandwich after hangovers since there are plenty of carbs in the sandwich to rejuvenate your energy. According to him, most people in the country drink Raki or Ouzo. Raki is an alcoholic drink made with distilled grapes and anise, and it is also known as Lion’s Milk. Ouzo is an alcohol that tastes similar to Raki since it is also flavored with dry anise. 

Parscan taught us that bidda refers to the pita bread used for the sandwich while badadez is the word for potato in Cyprus. Bidda Badadez can also be made with kofta, which is essentially a Middle Eastern meatball made with ground beef or mutton. One of the key ingredients in this sandwich is halloumi cheese, a grillable cheese that does not melt as easily. It is salty and has a chewy texture that makes it almost rubbery to eat. It is one of my favorite cheeses to eat! 

Many vegetarian sandwiches do not get the recognition they deserve simply because they do not have meat, and this may be one of them. Bidda badadez is a tasty hangover food that is warm and creamy yet refreshing with cold cucumber and cilantro. The french fries in this sandwich are crispy and perfect for when you are craving fried potatoes after a night of drinking. Or for a snack no alcohol needed 🙂

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Bidda Badadez


  • ½ block halloumi sliced
  • 1 wrap such as pita or lambic bread
  • ½ red tomato sliced
  • ½ small cucumber sliced
  • fresh herbs your choice
  • french fries


  • Grill the halloumi till golden on each side.
  • To a warp, add all ingredients and enjoy!
Course: Lunch, Snack
Region: Europe


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